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New Year – Old Perspective and No Resolutions - Cheers to 2022


I rang in the New Year three times at the cabin with my hubby Gianni, son Steven, daughter-in-law Sarah and my grandsons Weston and Jameson. First we FaceTime with Crystal who is 9 hours ahead in Italy and rang in the new year with her, then a fake celebration at 9 pm so the boys could go to bed and then at midnight with us four adults. We had had another small power outage earlier in the evening but managed to play cards and when midnight came the power was on and Gianni popped the sparkling and we collectively hugged and kissed to cheer on the New Year.

As I get older I enjoy the quiet moments and I can say I loved our quiet New Year’s celebration. Of course what made it better is that Sarah and I pretty much ruled the card games….Not so much in 2022 though. LOL

I know this blog is a few days late but I wanted to hold off until today as it is the Feast of Epiphany. A tradition I used to have with my grandparents, parents and when my kids were young we would celebrate. It is the day that marks the end of Christmas and commemorates the presentation of baby Jesus to the Magi or three wise men.

The 6th of January is also known as La Befana. In Italian folklore, Befana is an old lady or witch covered in soot that brings gifts to the Italian Children. The story goes, on the way to visit baby Jesus the Magi stopped to ask the Befana for directions and asked her to join them. She initially refused, but later had a change of heart and tried to find the manger. She was unable to find baby Jesus therefore she gave the gifts she had bought to other children. To this day she travels on her broomstick on January 5th and leaves gifts to any Italian child who leaves a shoe or stocking out.

We always say that our first born, Angela was a gift from the Befana. She was born three weeks early and the Befana brought her on January 7th because we forgot to put our stockings out. Pretty cool how traditions and folklore can mingle with our lives.

On January 1st, Angela, Ian, Brody and Blake arrived at the cabin. It was fabulous to have them there and I looked forward to a couple of days with everyone. As every year, I always take some time to contemplate the New Year and like other years I went for a walk alone. However this year in very cold and snowy weather. Check out my video.

It has been many years that I've opted out of New Year resolutions. Instead I create a DO and DON’T list to remind me what is important. It goes without saying I will continue my wellness journey. Three years into it I’m learning every day that I need to always focus on “ME” if I want to be great for the people that need me at home and at work.

Here is my 2022 “DO and DON’T” list

As I contemplated on my walk, I took these wonderful photos and video of nature and all her glory. If I can ever be of help to get you on your wellness journey or just listen, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to support anyone that needs it. And remember the most important thing in life is to Live Life Well ALWAYS!

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