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Relaxing....time to reflect

I don't know how long it has been that I had a weekend to relax. Cambridge dictionary definition is "to become less active and more calm and happy".

Life is always hustle and bustle and managing many things at one time. Not that I don't thrive in this world but honestly after this weekend I've realized "relaxing" is what I need more of. Gianni and I went for an hour walk, held hands and just enjoyed our surroundings. It was great to get back outside and take in the scenery. Talking about Gianni, he does have some romance in him when I see his creativity in our solarium, just have to share this beautiful photo of love.

When we got home from our walk we just chilled and watched the football games. Ok watching the 49ers beat the Packers wasn't 100% relaxing but boy did it get interesting at the end, same with Sunday's game where Brady almost pulled the comeback but in the end the Rams took the game. OK I know a little about football and playoffs are interesting to watch even if my Seahawks are not in them. But at least having no skin in the games, they weren't causing me anxiety and nerves. It was more about watching for the enjoyment of seeing some great games which in actuality was relaxing.

Of course when I'm watching TV, I always have to be doing something else too. Usually that is working or cooking, laundry, or playing a mind games. But this weekend it was about creating recipes on paper. Not having other things pulling me in different directions opened up my creativity in a way I've never seen before. Most weeks I can get three or four recipes to paper, but just chilling and not worrying about cleaning, watching kids, going shopping or anything else allowed me to develop 26 recipes on paper. All of which I'm extremely excited to try out and share.

What this weekend also did is give me clarity on how I want to transform my journey. It's now been three years I've embarked on my wellness journey. Most of you don't know how much of a hard time I have on a day-to-day bases just to get up. The "pain" everywhere is real. Having had 18 surgeries means arthritis creeps in every part of my body all day long.

I was taking medication that helped but of course it caused side effects on the kidneys and liver so I'm off of those now. No meds means 24/7 pain! I'm waiting to meet with a chronic pain specialist to see what are my next steps for pain management. I think this time I will have to be open to anything....

Knowing I'm on a new pain management journey, I decided I will expand this blog to have an "Everything Wellness" blog. This will be about sharing everything I learn about health and well-being on all topics. Having been the wellness prime at TELUS I've written some great articles on Men's Health, Eye Health, Wellness Wheel, Stress Management, Mental Wellness, and many other topics that I will share when I launch the blog.

However what I want to mostly achieve is to blog about my pain management struggles and triumphs, in hopes others can share what they are doing as well. I'm finding as I get older the pains get worse. It is impacting my quality of life and I need to figure out how to take control so I can continue to walk, cook, enjoy activities with my kids and grandsons, travel, and truly live life well.

What I also want to do is take my cooking and recipes to the next level by having more videos and maybe even offer virtual cooking classes. A lot more to come on this.

My AHA moment this weekend was relaxing has to become part of our life. Where we can let our body and brain become less active so wonderful idea's can come to light. Where bodies can take a break and heal and where we can reflect and create new journey's for ourselves. Join me on my "Everything Wellness and Kicking up Cooking" journey and let's get well together so we can live life well ALWAYS!



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