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Sourdough Irish Cream French Toast

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Serving Size 2: about 700 calories per serving

I’m experimenting with extract and in this recipe I used an Irish Cream one. If you don’t have the extract you can use 2 tbsp of Irish Cream liqueur and instead of ¼ cup of milk add 2 tablespoon.


2 eggs

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp Irish Cream Extract

¼ cup milk

4 slices sourdough bread

1 tbsp oil

6 strawberries

Icing sugar to sprinkle

4 tbsp light pancake syrup


  1. Mix eggs, cinnamon, Irish cream extract and milk together

  2. Heat large skillet and brush oil all over

  3. Dip bread slices into egg mixture and place in skillet

  4. After two minutes flip bread over

  5. Cook second side another two minutes

  6. Wash and slice strawberries

  7. Place two slices of toast on a plate, add strawberries and sprinkle with icing sugar and syrup


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