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The little things....

Once again life with COVID is causing havoc all over the world. First COVID-19, then Delta and now Omicron is sending the world in a tail-spin during the holiday season. I for one never thought we would have 2020, 2021 and now 2022 be impacted by this.

For me the past two years have been tough. The connections are just not the same. They are not spontaneous and fun. They are now organized and distant (six feet). We are afraid of human contact and the Italian/French in me that just wants to hug and kiss someone just to say hi, has had to be curbed and I hate it.

I've miss the many concerts we had booked, the numerous vacations that were planned and my mom that passed in August. Knowing that this Christmas is without both my parents is wanting me to hold on to traditions even more. It's making me want to hold on to my kids and grandkids even harder. Even when two of my kids are way more than six feet away. I'm so thankful for technology that puts them in the room with me when I need them.

As I'm writing this I'm listening to Dr. Bonnie Henry put further restrictions on us, but totally understand why she is doing it. I'm happy that we are still able to have ten other people join us for Christmas dinner. Which means we can have the family over on Christmas Eve. At this point nothing else matter!

My "mentals" have been pulled in every direction this year. Omicron, mom's death, atmospheric rivers, heat waves and life itself has made it totally interesting. If we didn't have all these adversities we wouldn't be a resilient as we are. But what makes all these things better are the little things. Today Angela and Brody brought me flowers and this heart candle holder. Brody said, "Nonna I saw this heart at the flower shop and I knew it was just for you and you would love it!" He was right. That little heart filled my heart beyond words.

Find the little things that make your life special and hold on to them to get through the tough times. It is so important to live life well, ALWAYS. We only have one!

Brody has my HEART!

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lorraine rizzardo
lorraine rizzardo
Dec 21, 2021

I feel we continually are thrown arrows to work around. My love of basic things is disappearing !

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