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Today's Mindful Moment - Perspective

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Today's mindful moment comes from a wet bench I'm sitting on watching the lake in Stresa. For the first time we had an inside day yesterday as it down poured, thundered and lightning all day long. I was able to get in a couple of walks but for the most part it was pacing our condo.

Our condo is tiny. I think it is 300 square feet in total but adequate for what we need it for and if your are vacationing is Stresa it is a wonderful place and location. It has a room where the kitchen and living area is open concept, a bathroom which has all the commodities and the bedroom is up the stairs. We have made use of all the storage space and I've adjusted my cooking style to be able to cook in the kitchen.

Last night I made Cannelloni con Verdura Arostita, recipe to follow soon. What's challenging about this dish is that there are many steps to making it. Not hard, but it requires different pans, and area to cut everything. Therefore I had to get creative. Meaning doing one steps, cleaning everything and onto the next.

With the small prep area it makes it challenging, therefore the table becomes a great place to spread out as well. I find it's all in the perspective and attitude you bring into the challenges you face that makes it easy or hard to deal with. Being here in Stresa, or Italy in general, I've had to learn "patience" at the next level. Something that all of you that know me, I've never had when it gets to getting things done.

As I sit on this bench, after a beautiful 4 km walk, I reflect on the things I have. And boy do I have a lot. But knowing that I can make do with less and appreciate it more, makes me truly reflect that life is all about living it. It's about making the human connections, it's about cherishing friends and family, it's about taking time to listen to your breathing, and reflecting that it's the most importing thing in life. Being able to inhale and exhale, stopping and enjoying what mother nature gives us, is truly priceless.

Today I will continue to live my motto "Live Life Well Always" because we only have one.

Have an amazing day everyone and hugs and kisses from Stresa, Italy!

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