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Zuppa e Panino di Pollo e Verdure (Chicken and veggie soup and sandwich)

Serving size 2

We’ve been in Italy for five days and today I’m finally cooking in my tiny kitchen. Not going to lie it has been a struggle to find tools to get organized. As an example, looking for a cutting board has been a challenge therefore I use 6 x 6-inch board and hopefully I can find a bigger one before I have to chop veggies.

When I make this soup I make it in the morning and then pull it together when I’m ready to eat. This way I can go on with my day and not worry about what I'm making for dinner. Adding baby ravioli to the simple broth makes this a hearty soup, and then chopping up the chicken and veggies and making a sandwich make this a simple but perfect comfort food meal.

Once a week on Friday's they have an outdoor market here. therefore I'm looking forward to shopping for fresh veggies. Otherwise I have to rely on the small little markets in the town, which there are two and veggies are not so fresh some days. There is a bigger market called Superstore (Essalungo) a little out of town, which I will have to explore as well. But for today here is a video of my shopping excursion at the tiny market called Conad.


2 chicken drumsticks

1 small onion

3 small carrots

2 - 3 chicken bouillons

Water to fill large soup pot

Baby ravioli

Large bun to share or two buns



  1. Boil the drumsticks for five minutes

  2. Clean veggies and place whole with bouillons in large soup pot and fill with water

  3. Skin and clean the drumsticks and add to pot

  4. Turn heat to high and bring to a fast boil

  5. Lower heat to slow boil and let cook for two hours

  6. Taste for flavour, add salt or one extra bouillon to enhance flavour to your liking

  7. Take off heat until ready to make ravioli and eat

  8. Cook ravioli per directions on package

  9. Take chicken out, shred it and place in bowl

  10. Scoop out the veggies with as little broth as possible and cut the veggies to small pieces and add to bowl

  11. Mix chicken and veggies well and add some mayonnaise to bind it all (as much as you like)

  12. Spread chicken veggie mix into middle of bun. I bought a big bun from the fornaio (bakery) which Gianni and split. It's amazing going to the local bakery to get your bread in the morning.

  13. Warm up soup and add cooked ravioli and serve with sandwich


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