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Decadent Hot Chocolate

Serves: 4

I had a friend visit and he doesn’t drink coffee but loves hot chocolate. Therefore I didn’t just want to whisk together a packaged drink, instead I created this decadent version which you can top off with any trimming. You will never want a quick and easy powdered packaged hot chocolate again. Truly sinful.....


¼ cup sugar

¼ cup cocoa

Pinch of salt

3 cups whole milk

1 cup whip cream

½ cups finely chopped dark chocolate

1 tsp vanilla


  1. Whisk together sugar, cocoa and salt in a medium bowl

  2. Stir together milk and whip cream in measuring cup

  3. Whisk ¼ cup of liquid into cocoa mixture stir until mixture is smooth

  4. Pour cocoa mixture into large sauce pan and turn heat to medium

  5. Slowly pour in the rest of the milk cream mixture until well blended

  6. Add chopped chocolate and keep whisking as the milk starts to heat

  7. Whisk in vanilla and keep mixing until hot chocolate is almost boiling

  8. Pour into four mugs

  9. Have everyone choose their own toppings. I had marshmallows, whip cream, shredded chocolate and crushed peppermint for my options.

Other toppings you can add to your hot chocolate bar are

  • Sprinkles

  • Peanuts

  • Peanut butter

  • Coconut shavings

  • Cinnamon

  • Caramel sauce


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