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Vacationing in my solarium

I’m off this week and wanted to take some re-energize time but can’t believe it has taken until hump day to get to my book.

One thing I have truly missed about traveling are the books I would read every year on our Mexican vacation. A book a day! Yes for years I would buy 15 books and they would take up valuable space in the suitcase. However I would leave them in the room for others to read on their vacation so I could make space for the ten bottles of clear vanilla I would bring back. Now knowing that I had no more vanilla in my pantry made me cry, because honestly it makes baking taste sinful. There is no better vanilla. I was thankful that Angela had an extra bottle and Paul and Steph were gracious to bring me back a bottle.

Taking this week off is about regrouping and getting back to what is important. Health and more health. I am launching my “Everything Wellness“ blog soon where I will share well-being info. But I also wanted to use it to chronicle my chronic pain management therapy that my doctor has put me on. You see for the past ten years I’ve been on pain meds and they have slowly been destroying my insides. To the point that I started to have kidney and liver issues. This put my doctor on high alert and he stopped prescribing pain meds. He said I had no choice but to try medicinal cannabis.

OK those that know me know how I’ve never tried this and have fought it the past ten years. But a few weeks ago I decided to check it’s out and see what the chronic pain clinic had to say. Gianni was sick so Steven came with me. I loved watching him laugh at me cause he knows the way I am. Outcome was that I would try the oil that contains CBD and THC. I would only take it before bed as they told me not to take it if I have to make any decisions or drive.

Going through the process means registering on a government approved site, getting approved for the prescription and then ordering it. Which I didi! It arrived a week ago and it is sitting still in the packaging on a shelf way up high in the pantry. Why? Because I just can’t get the guts to try it.

I am really sore but I guess not sore enough to get outside my comfort zone. I wonder what will bring me over to the other side? I will definitely blog about my experience once I try but for now I relax in my solarium reading an 800 page book and hopefully continue to contemplate what life had in store for me next.

All I know, I hope there is a lot of travel, family and friends time, hiking, cooking, reading, writing, health and living life well always because I only have one. Come on the journey with me.


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