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Cocoa Bombs

Makes 9 balls

I had been hearing about hot chocolate bombs for a while so I decided to tackle them on my own. I had to try it a few times as the chocolate kept melting in my hands. So I froze a double layer of chocolate and it worked so much better. You will need a three pack of medium semi sphere silicone chocolate mold with six holes for this recipe. I purchased them through Amazon.


Dark, milk and white chocolate wafers (I have these in the freezer all the time)

Hot chocolate powder

Mini marshmallows



  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and top with a cooling rack

  2. Melt 1 cup of dark chocolate and ½ cup milk chocolate in a microwaveable bowl. Set for 1 minute on high, take out and using a whisk mix well

  3. Keep microwaving for 30 seconds and then whisking until the chocolate is fully melted and there are no chunks. Do not overheat chocolate as it will turn hard

  4. Spoon one tablespoon of chocolate into the silicone cup and using the back of the spoon bring the chocolate up on the side of each cup

  5. Do this for all three silicone trays

  6. Place in freezer for 15 minutes

  7. Melt more dark and milk chocolate to add a second layer of chocolate on each of the silicone cups

  8. Place in freezer for another 15 minutes

  9. Slowly pop each chocolate cup out of the silicone cup and place on a tray

  10. Heat a small frying pan for a minute and place one chocolate cup on the pan and move it around so the rim of the chocolate cup is smooth

  11. Place a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix into the cup

  12. Heat a second chocolate cup in a heated pan and place 5 marshmallow in the cup

  13. Seal both chocolate cups together by bringing them together

  14. Place on cooling rack, do this with the rest of the chocolate cups

  15. Freeze for ½ hour

  16. Melt white chocolate wafers and place in a squeeze bottle or piping bag with #4 nozzle

  17. Pipe white chocolate on each ball and top with sprinkles before it sets

  18. Place ball on a muffin paper cup and put into a plastic container

  19. Freeze until ready to use

  20. When ready to make hot chocolate bombs or mocha bombs take them out of freezer

  21. Make cappuccinos or heat milk for hot chocolate

  22. Place heated milk or cappuccino in large cups and leave some room

  23. Drop a bomb in each cup and wait to watch it explode with chocolate, cocoa powder and marshmallows. Stir well and enjoy


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