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Easy Chocolate Whip Cake

Serves: 12

I used to make this simple cheat cake (I use a box cake mix) when Steven was young as he loved the chocolate and whip cream. I add a little salt into the whip cream to thicken it but also to give it a salty taste which blends well with the chocolate. This is truly a sinful cake!


1 box Devil’s Food chocolate cake mix

1 litre whip cream

½ tsp salt

¼ cup sugar

1 can whipped cream frosting – I use cream cheese flavour

Chocolate swirls or sprinkles


  1. Make two round cakes per cake mix package instructions and let cool completely

  2. In a large bowl add whip cream, salt and sugar

  3. Using the whip utensil on electric mixer make the whip cream

  4. Slice the first cake in half and place the top upside down on a large plate

  5. Spread some whip cream on the cake

  6. Add the bottom of the cake on top of whip cream

  7. In a medium bowl add frosting and three tablespoons of whip cream and mix well

  8. Spread all this frosting on top of cake, this becomes the middle of cake

  9. Slice the second cake in half and place the top upside down on top of cream

  10. Spread some whip cream on the cake and top with left over bottom of cake

  11. Spread the rest of the whip cream all over the cake and smooth out as well as you can

  12. Sprinkle top with chocolate swirls or sprinkles

  13. Cover cake and place in refrigerator for a minimum of 6 hours. Overnight is best


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