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Lemon Mousse Cups

Makes 10 desserts

Summertime is about light and fruity desserts that are just too good to pass up.

Lemon, mascarpone cheese, cool whip with a cookie base make this a sinful dessert that goes great after any meal. I used small mason jars filled ¾ of the way up so I could seal them with their lids while setting in the fridge. Makes it a great talking point when you take them out.


1 pack of 99 g instant lemon pudding

1.5 cups milk

2 cups crushed white cookies (Oreo or lemon cookies good option)

¼ cup melted butter

1 pack Cool Whip

125 grams mascarpone cheese

Lemon zest

Fancy cookie for garnish


  1. Make lemon pudding by whisking pudding mix and milk until it has thickened, set in fridge for at least 15 minutes

  2. Crush cookies with food processor or pound in a Ziploc bag

  3. Pour cookies into a bowl and mix in melted butter

  4. Divide cookies into 10 glasses, or I like to use mason jars

  5. Tap down the cookies to form a crust but don’t press down too hard as it will make it hard to scoop out, just enough to level the layer of crust

  6. Whisk together cool whip and mascarpone cheese until fully blended and then fold into lemon pudding

  7. Divide lemon mixture evenly into the 10 glasses

  8. Top each cup with a layer of cool whip, if you used mason jars leave enough room to seal the lids without touching the cool whip. If you didn’t use mason jars, cover with saran wrap and refrigerate for four hours or overnight

  9. When ready to serve sprinkle lemon zest on each cup

  10. Top with a fancy cookie, I used chocolate crepes and vanilla sticks


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