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Maple Ice Cream Cake

Serving size 12


12 Vanilla ice cream sandwiches

1 two litre Maple walnut ice cream

1 one litre Light Cool Whip

8 Maple cookies

Dark chocolate

I used a 7" x 9" glass dish pan for this ice cream cake


  1. Take 2 litre ice cream out of freezer for ten minutes to thaw before starting to make cake

  2. In glass dish start by laying six ice cream sandwiches for first layer

  3. Top with 1/2" of ice cream for second layer

  4. Third layer is another layer 6 cream sandwiches

  5. Fourth layer is another 1/2" layer of ice cream

  6. Freeze cake for 1 hour

  7. In the meantime using a mini food processor crumble the cookies. You can also put them in a Ziploc back and crush them with a mallet

  8. Place ¾ of cool whip into a bowl and pour ¾ of the cookies into bowl

  9. Stir cookies and cool whip together and spread on frozen cake

  10. Sprinkle the remainder of cookies on top of cream layer

  11. Grate as much chocolate on top to finish it off

  12. Freeze at least two hours before serving

  13. Take out ten minutes prior to serving to allow cake to thaw and make it easier to cut

Keep covered in freezer for up to one month....but believe me it won't last that long


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