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Whole Wheat Sub and Cold Broccoli Salad

Makes 2 Sandwiches

Making your own multigrain whole wheat baguettes makes this sandwich spectacular but of course if you just want to buy premade you can still make a great sandwich paired up with the cold broccoli salad. This becomes a filling meal.

The secret for me is to not overload the sandwich. I love to taste both the bread and the ingredients I add. Therefore I usually choose one meat and cheese to be the filling and the star is the baguette.


2 foot long baguettes



Cheese slices

Deli meat – I used hot capicola


  1. Slice baguettes in half

  2. Spread as much mayonnaise as you like on one side

  3. Cut olives in half and spread as many as you like on top of mayonnaise

  4. Divide cheese slices in half and place on top of olives

  5. Place one row of deli meat on top of cheese

  6. Cover with top of baguette and cut sandwich into two pieces on a diagonal cut

  7. Serve with cold broccoli salad


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