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Anything Salad

Serves: 1

When I’m home alone more often than none I make a salad and a sandwich. Today I decided to forgo the sandwich and make a salad with anything I could find in the fridge that would give the salad texture and depth. I served with a couple of squaratella, but could easily be served with a bun or crackers.


½ chopped Romaine lettuce

1 diced Roma tomato

10 pimento stuffed olives

6 sliced very hot pickled peppers

10 baby bocconcini cut in half

2 slices ham chopped

2 diced green onions

1 hardboiled egg cut into quarters

1 tbsp chopped pecans


Olive oil

White vinegar


  1. Add all the ingredients into bowl

  2. Season with salt, oil and vinegar to your liking

Serve with whatever bread you want


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