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Pasta Puttanesca e Insalata Caprese

Serves: 3

I’m getting use to cooking in my tiny condo kitchen in Stresa Italy. Just need to be really organized, that means cleaning everything as I go and getting it out of the way. Today we were out all day, therefore I made a quick pasta puttanesca with a fresh Caprese salad. Slice up some bread and we had a wonderful meal. There were leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I purchased a puttanesca seasoning mix which contains chili pepper, garlic, tomato, salt, black pepper, olive, zucchini, oregano and hot peppers. Definitely something I will bring home. But of course, all the fresh ingredients can be used to make the sauce from scratch. But when in a pinch for time this is a great option.


500 grams dried pasta

2 tbsp olive oil

1 cup chopped ham

2 tbsp puttanesca seasoning

2 tomatoes

1 fresh mozzarella


Salt to taste

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Grated parmesan cheese


  1. Cook pasta per directions on package

  2. Heat oil in skillet and sauté ham until it starts getting brown

  3. Stir in seasoning mix and turn off stove, set aside until pasta is ready

  4. In the meantime, slice tomatoes and mozzarella into ¼ inch slices and arrange on plate, alternating each to give it a nice design

  5. Sprinkle with oregano and salt to your taste

  6. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, set aside

  7. When pasta is done scoop out ½ cup of pasta water and pour into the ham and seasoning pan and stir well

  8. Place pasta in a bowl and pour in the ham sauce and as much parmesan cheese you like

  9. Mix everything well, plate and sprinkle with as much parmesan you like

Slice up some bread and enjoy pasta, insalata e pane!


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