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Salted Caramel Oreo Cookie Cheesecake

Serves: 14

I absolutely love cheesecake but anytime I’ve tried make the baked version I ended up throwing it away. Therefore when my daughter-in-law Sarah asked if I could try making a cheesecake I turned to the internet to find a no-bake version and then put my spin on it. Add salted caramel on anything and I’m in heaven. So to make her happy we have Oreo cookies and the salted caramel is for me. It is sinfully light and delicious. I had my little helper Weston to help me out. Try it out.

Ingredients for cake

2 x 300 grams packages Oreo cookies (less 5 cookies)

¼ cup melted butter

½ cup salted caramel chips

¼ cup whip cream

3 x 250 gram packages of cream cheese (room temperature)

1 ½ cup icing sugar

1 tbsp vanilla

1 cup whip cream

Ingredients for topping

2 cups whip cream

4 tbsp caramel sauce

1 tsp kosher salt

Caramel sauce to sprinkle on top


  1. Place one package of cookies food processor and process until into small chunks

  2. Pour in melted butter and process until smooth and starts to stick together

  3. Open a springform pan and lay parchment paper on the bottom of pan, then close the pan

  4. Firmly press cookies into pan about ½ inch up the sides. Use the bottom of flat measuring cup to flatten the bottom. Put in fridge to chill and harden until ready to add filling

  5. Reserve 7 cookies of second pack of Oreo cookies then place the other cookies in a Ziploc bag and crush the cookies using a meat pounder or other hard object

  6. In a microwavable bowl combine caramel chips and ¼ cup cream. Microwave on high for 20 second intervals, whisking well each time, until melted and smooth. Set aside

  7. In a stand mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth. Note my cream cheese didn’t sit at room temperature therefore I cut them into small cubes and let them sit for ½ hour

  8. Add powdered sugar and melted caramel cream and beat until combined

  9. Pour in remaining 1 cup cream and vanilla. Beat on low until incorporated then beat on high until thickened and fluffy. Don’t stop until it has thickened

  10. Stir crushed cookies into cream filling

  11. Spread into prepared crust, cover with saran wrap and chill for 4 hours

  12. Whip up the topping by whipping the cream until almost thick, add caramel sauce and salt and finish whipping. This is now ready to use but place in fridge until ready to decorate cake

  13. After the cake has chilled for 4 hours use a pipping bag to to decorate a you wish

  14. Cover with saran wrap and chill cake for another 2 hours or overnight is better

  15. Cut each cookie into half and place half on top of whip cream heaps and use extra caramel chips

  16. Top by sprinkling with caramel sauce


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