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Brunch for 6 - 8 People

I love an afternoon brunch to bring families and friends together. What I love about brunch is that every time I have one I create something new to augment the recipes that everyone already loves. This weekend I had some friends over and wanted to create a meal that would serve 6 - 8 people, the challenge...was to create all new recipes.

It was a great success and if you want a menu for a full brunch, you have to try these out. All recipes are super simple, full of flavour and can be all made in three hours. I will lay out each of the recipes in order that I made them. This way you know the timing to make the whole meal.

Our cocktail was a simple Prosecco Mimosa. Therefore make sure to chill the Prosecco and the orange juice. Don't forget to put your champagne flute glasses in the refrigerator to chill too.

First on the menu to make is the Plain or Ham and Cheese Drop Biscuits. Once baked put them on a plate and they are ready to eat, anytime during the day. Serve some butter or jam next to them.

Ham & Cheese Biscuit

The Easy Creamy Potato and Ham Bake is the only recipe that takes a little longer to make. Therefore it is next on the priority list. All brunches must have some type of potato. This one is a rival to scalloped potatoes.

Creamy Potato & Ham Bake

Everyone loves yogurt, fruit, honey and granola so why not put them together in a mason jar and serve them right out of the fridge when you are ready to eat. Therefore I created this simple Strawberry Yogurt Granola Cup and it was truly a hit. You can make extra to save for a snack or lunch the next day.

Strawberry Yogurt Granola Cup

The last item on the menu was Classic French Toast. I prepared the egg mixture and put it in the fridge until my guests were here and while Gianni my hubby made the Mimosa's, I whipped up the French Toast.

French toast with berries

Finally if you don't know how to make a Mimosa. It is very simple.

When you are ready to eat

Pour Prosecco in the glass until half full

Pour orange juice to fill the glass

Cheers we are ready to eat!


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